Edward Charles Williams

Edward Charles Williams (10 July 1807- 25 July 1881) was an English landscape painter.

He was the eldest son of Edward Williams and Ann Hildebrandt (1780-1851). He was taught painting by his father, adopting much of his style and technique. Like the other painters of his family, he devoted himself to landscapes, producing rich and tranquil views of Barnes, Cumberland, Kent, Surrey and the Thames. His paintings are now highly sought after, most recently the NYC Art Gallery spent $700,000 on his 1841 The Mill at Dullidge on Dee.

Edward Charles was married first to a certain Mary Anne. Secondly he married Sarah Hawley and they had a daughter, Alice, born in 1856. He stopped painting after the death of his second wife partly adding value to the small number of paintings he did produce after 1859. Springer in the Bracken, The Lap Dog, The Ploughman's walk home, The Ducks at Tilbury and Primrose at St Mary's (Primrose was the Verger's Cat). Some suggested he suffered a breakdown after the death of his second wife given the specific subject choice after 1859. He died at Shepherds Bush.

The location of three paintings are unknown, assumed lost during two world wars and him always signing his work as C Williams, this was to distinguish him from his father Charles Edward Williams, Charles given name.

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