Sir George Clausen

Sir George Clausen RA (1April 1852 1944), was an English artist working in oil and watercolour, etching, mezzotint, dry point and occasionally lithographs.

Elected an ARA in 1906, he was knighted in 1927.

Born in London, the son of a decorative artist, from 1867-187he attended the design classes at the South Kensington Schools with great success. He then worked in the studio of Edwin Long RA and subsequently in Paris under Bouguereau and Robert Fleury.

He became one of the foremost modern painters of landscape and of peasant life, influenced to a certain extent by the impressionists with whom he shared the view that light is the real subject of landscape art. His pictures excel in rendering the appearance of things under flecking outdoor sunlight, or in the shady shelter of a barn or stable. His Girl at the Gate was acquired by the Chantrey Trustees and is now at the Tate Gallery.

As Professor of Painting gave a memorable series of lectures to the students of the schools, published as Six Lectures on Painting (1904) and Aims and Ideals in Art (1906). Clausen was an official war artist during World War I, in which his daughter's fianc was killed; this event may have inspired his painting Youth Mourning.

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